We are waiting for you at the Stand Hall 4.1 E21


We wait for you at Hall 4.1 E21


JISO Lighting has been growing for more than 20 years and projecting incredible spaces that can only be achieved thanks to the strength and essence of light. In 2010 we began this adventure with our first stand at Light&Building, the world fair par excellence for our sector.
Since then, we have been present in all the editions that have been held. And after a few tough years due to the pandemic and global instability, we are back stronger with a stand with open spaces and designed to be able to show all our novelties.
We are waiting for you from October 2 to 6 at the Frankfurt fairgrounds, in the Autumn edition of Light&Building. You will find us in Hall 4.1 E21.



With the intensity and grandeur in which light reaches a cave, Cave penetrates surprisingly into any room. Its large size and design evokes the bombast in nature of this light.
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The lights of LAKE iluminate like the reflection of the sunset in the waters of the lake. A sense of peace and vastness presented by nature and LAKE lighting.
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Small points of light that illuminate with strength and power, such are the lamps in our Petty collection.



Points that glimpse in the dark to the smallest detail, such are the eyes of an owl. Dots with its small and elegant luminaires brings light to any room in your rooms.

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The eagle’s vision is powerful and capable of focusing any point at a great distance. Eagle takes this wonder of nature to develop luminaires capable of bringing any element into focus in your interiors.
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Our Hawk model is inspired by the wings of falcons, in its aesthetics, but also in its characteristics. An easily combinable model that allows you to create a multitude of luminaires within a single one.
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Caterpillar is a magnetic system capable of gripping any surface with the ease of a caterpillar. Its guides will cut through walls and ceilings creating a smart magnetic track that will allow you to easily install spotlights and lights.
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Retractable like the neck of a turtle. Turtle adapts its length to the needs of each client with a simple and elegant design.

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Fast and smart, these lamps will sweep down walls and ceilings like spider webs to illuminate and personalize all kinds of rooms.

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As if it were in the jungle, LIANA adapts to your room, creating a network of intelligent magnetic guides that will run through ceilings and walls to illuminate all kinds of rooms.

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In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon among other things symbolizes power. This imposing luminaire amazes with its simplicity and size, turning each space into a stage full of light and brilliance.
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Lines, black and white are the characteristics that define the design of these luminaires. As its name suggests, Zebra is capable of living in a group and adapting perfectly to different environments and projects.



Like stars in the sky, Outdoor LEDs illuminate any space. Its infinite models will make these luminaires an essential element to shine outdoor lighting.

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Waterproof Screen, Flood Light IP65, High Bay


LED COB Strip IP20, LED Strip IP20, LED Strip IP65, LED Flexible Strip IP67


Surface, Recessed, Trimless, Pendant

Smart Control

Types of control commands (order issuers), Controller types (order receiver)


IP54, IP65


UGR/Ambience, Technical


Indoor, Outdoor


IP65, UGR, Intensive Use


JISO Lighting has carried out many projects around the world. Hotels, shops, workplaces, health and beauty centers, private residences, … our luminaires are present in all kinds of projects with different types of products for both interior and exterior technical and decorative lighting.

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New website launch

We are very excited to announce that the launch of our new website will take place in the coming months. For several months we have been working on this project that is so important to us and it will soon be available to all of you.
It is a website that reflects the new image of JISO Lighting with a new graphic line and a new platform that offers our clients all the necessary tools for the development of their projects in a simple and intuitive way. will be updated periodically with news, technical information, projects, information, … so that all our users are always informed of everything that happens in JISO Lighting at all times.